Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Davidson College, Davidson, NC 28035

Office: Chambers 3040
Phone: 704-894-2317
E-Mail: yazhuang@davidson.edu

Pronouns: he / him

On sabbatical during Academic Year 2022–23.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College in Davidson, NC. Prior to my appointment at Davidson, I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.

My research interests lie in the areas of enumerative combinatorics and algebraic combinatorics. Most of my work so far has been in permutation enumeration and its connections to (quasi-)symmetric function theory and combinatorial Hopf algebras. Many of the questions I seek to answer are about counting permutations with certain nice properties or weighted by parameters called permutation statistics, and I develop general frameworks for investigating these kinds of questions, often drawing upon the rich interplay between combinatorics and abstract algebra.

Working with students is my greatest joy at Davidson. My style of teaching empowers students to become active participants in their own learning, and as an educator, I aim to instill self-confidence in my students, to foster a sense of belonging in my classroom, and to cultivate an appreciation for the beauty and power of mathematical abstraction. I supervise undergraduate research projects in combinatorics and I look forward to introducing future students to the excitement of mathematical discovery.

When I am not exploring the mathematical wilderness or sharing my love for mathematics with my students, I like to play and listen to music, play board games, exercise, and try new food. I enjoy hearing people talk about things that they are passionate about and learning from the lived experiences of those from different backgrounds.

Recent News:

  • 05/23: My paper “Statistics on clusters and r-Stirling permutations” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Combinatorics.
  • 04/23: I gave an invited talk at the Wake Forest Mathematics Colloquium.
  • 04/23: I gave an invited talk at the Washington College Math Seminar.
  • 04/23: I gave an invited talk at the SFSU Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics Seminar.
  • 04/23: I gave an invited talk at the UC Berkeley Combinatorics Seminar.
  • 02/23: My extended abstract “Cyclic shuffle-compatibility and cyclic quasisymmetric functions” was accepted for a poster at FPSAC 2023 and will appear in the conference proceedings.
  • 01/23: I attended the 2023 Joint Mathematics Meetings.
  • 01/23: A preprint of my paper “Cyclic shuffle-compatibility via cyclic shuffle algebras” appeared on the arXiv.
  • 12/22: A preprint of my paper “A combinatorial proof of a tantalizing symmetry on Catalan objects” appeared on the arXiv.
  • 12/22: My paper “A lifting of the Goulden–Jackson cluster method to the Malvenuto–Reutenauer algebra” was published in Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • 12/22: I gave a plenary talk at the 21st Triangle Lectures in Combinatorics.
  • 11/22: I attended College Board’s Higher Education Symposium on AP Precalculus.
  • 10/22: I gave an invited talk at the Brandeis Combinatorics Seminar.
  • 10/22: I gave an invited talk at the AMS Special Session Enumerative Combinatorics of the AMS Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting.
  • 10/22: My paper “Fibonacci numbers, consecutive patterns, and inverse peaks” was published in Advances in Applied Mathematics.
  • 09/22: I attended ICECA 2022.
  • 09/22: I gave an invited talk at the South Carolina Discrete Math and Combinatorics Seminar.
  • 07/22: My extended abstract “Refined consecutive pattern enumeration via a generalized cluster method” was published in the Proceedings of FPSAC 2022.
  • 07/22: I attended FPSAC 2022 virtually, and contributed a short video (in lieu of an in-person poster).
  • 06/22: I gave a contributed talk at Permutation Patterns 2022.
  • 06/22: I attended the AMS MRC program Trees in Many Contexts.